Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Step 1:
Bird Feeder Placement—Squirrels will typically jump up to ten feet to get to a bird feeder. When placing your bird feeder, try to keep it at least 10 feet away from fences, trees or anything else a squirrel could jump from. Placement is the first consideration, and is often overlooked when considering squirrel proofing!
Step 2:
Pole Mounted Feeders—Make sure your bird feeder is five feet above the ground. Use a Squirrel Baffle on the pole and under the feeder. There are many types to choose from including dome types, torpedo types and even some that "wrap around" the poles, which is especially important when using a "shepherd type" pole with a permanent hooked end. Pole mounted domes may also help thwart other predators such as cats from getting to the birds. If you use a baffle, the "floating" styles that tip on the pole seem to work best.
Step 3:
Hanging Feeders—Hang your feeder 10 feet away from trees and fences and 5 feet off the ground. Use a hanging type squirrel baffle above the feeder to make it more difficult for the squirrel to get to the feeder. When hanging, consider your ability to fill and clean your feeder on a regular basis.
Step 4:
Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders Designs—There are now many new bird feeders made to deter squirrels. They can be broken down into several basics types: 1)Cage Type—They come with a metal cage around the feeder 2)Spring Loaded Type—These either slide down or close down by reacting to the squirrel’s weight on the feeding perches 3)Motorized Type—Some begin to spin to throw the squirrel off, which again react to a squirrel’s weight 4)Roller Type—These roll over when a squirrel get on the feeder to get the squirrel off 5)Collapsible Perch Type—Some of these can even be adjusted to deter several large bags such as Grackles. Choose the best squirrel resistant bird feeder that fits your budget. One good feeder will outlast many less expensive ones!
Step 5:
If you can’t beat ‘em…..…Join ‘em! Sometimes it is better to feed squirrels in a different area of your yard, and feed them something they prefer to eat. Commercially made squirrel feeders are available, and squirrels love cob corn and pumpkin seed, and many specially made squirrel feeds are available including suet cakes, squirrel foods, compressed corn logs, and others. Pinwheel type feeders and bouncing feeders are available to make watching the squirrels eat an enjoyable and entertaining experience, instead of a dreaded nightmare!

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