Sunday, April 29, 2007

Nuts About Squirrels--European Squirrel Fight

Celebrities have sharpened their pencils to "scribble a squirrel" in aid of a Welsh conservation project.
Bryn Terfel, Aled Jones, Neil Kinnock and guitarist Phil Campbell from rock band Motorhead are among those who have contributed signed drawings.
The event, organised by Anglesey's Red Squirrel project, hopes to further raise the public's awareness of the fight to save the species.
All the sketches and doodles will be auctioned on the internet in May.
Sportsmen, celebrities, TV stars and politicians have contributed autographed sketches of red squirrels to the 'scribble a squirrel' event.
Funds raised at the May auction will go a range of red squirrel conservation projects in Wales.
'Public awareness'
Becky Moss, co-ordinator of the Friends of the Anglesey Red Squirrels said she hoped the event would raise public awareness.
"Public support for red squirrels is fantastic, and through the scribble a squirrel campaign we hope that the red squirrel plight is further highlighted," she added.

Wildlife expert Iolo Williams did this drawing
Red squirrel expert Dr Craig Shuttleworth of Menter Môn said the Anglesey project was having some success.
He added: "Through our efforts, red squirrels are now a common sight in Pentraeth forest and they have been successfully reintroduced into Newborough forest."
This year the group are reintroducing red squirrels into the coastal woodlands bordering the Menai Strait, with the hope they will eventually colonise the whole of the island.
"There are currently fewer than 100 grey squirrels remaining on Anglesey and once these animals are removed we can firmly establish the island as a national red squirrel sanctuary," Dr Shuttleworth added.

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